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Cloud Computing is dominating the discourse at every level in the IT industry and has captured the attention of business leaders and consumers. As your business grows, you may be considering the economics of Cloud Computing.

Experience shows us that Cloud Computing allows organizations to grow their business, but not necessarily their data center. With the right solutions, the benefits of cloud computing can include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Accelerated time to value and faster application deployment
  • Elastic scaling

Find out how Cloud Computing can make IT economics work for you in this informative webcast. Join Tony Iams, SVP & Analyst, Ideas International, Inc and Annette Miller, Program Director Cloud Computing, IBM Systems & Technology Group, as they discuss the advantages of private cloud and the key requirements for effective cloud deployment. Hear from the experts about the requirements for successful deployment of private clouds.

In this webcast you will learn more about how IBM offers:

  • Solutions from pre-integrated quick start solutions - to custom private clouds
  • Choice of hardware and software building blocks
  • Integrated service management

Register now to learn and to hear best practices for managing virtualized systems, including standardizing virtualized images; managing the lifecycle of the images; monitoring the behavior of virtualized workloads and tracking the internal consumption of resources by user or workload; and automating provisioning tasks.

Webcast Details

Date: May 20, 2011
Time: 11 am ET

Featured Speakers

Tony Iams
SVP & Senior Analyst
Ideas International, Inc.

Annette Miller
Program Director, Cloud Computing
IBM Systems & Technology Group


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